Update {part uno}

So, this is the stories/thoughts/radnomness part of the update.

Starting with Monday:

For the wonderful thing called Family Night, we went to see Disney's 'The Princess and the Frog'. mmhhh.....LOVE. major. It's so cute and wonderful and goes back to the classical Disney animation style! Plus, it's set in New Orleans and has FAB jazz music all throughout and is just STUPENDOUS! I highly suggest you go see cause it's for sure worth it! :) LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Tuesday=snuggies and soccer game! Can you say BOOYAH?! Pretty much the bombest thing ever! I felt so dorky yet so ridiculously cool all at the same time! The boys DOMINATED Mesa like there was no tomorrow, it was crazy awesome! Go home Jack Rabbits, this is TORO NATION! bah! :)

I can't remember what day it was, but that doesn't really even matter. Anyhoo, sometime this week I decided I'm in LOVE LOVE LOVE with this guy:

mmhhhya. Let me introduce you to Mr. Harry Conrick Jr., my friends! :) love his stinkin adorable face and his AMAZING voice! Like, I could listen to his songs all day long and never get sick of 'em! No joke! Plus, I LOVE him in P.S. I Love You! He's such a dork! Let us reminisce....

Tender moment... :) Ya, remember, he's the dorky best friend! GAH! He's so crazy funny in that movie! 'I have a sickness.'
'You mean you're rude?'
'Ya...it's now a sickness you can be diagnosed for now.'
Probably one of the funniest parts of that movie. And then they kiss and realize it was like kissing their sibling! That's where the tender moment comes in! :) Seriously, love him. Love the movie. Love Hillary Swank. Love love love love love! :)

 So, the above is kinda what I want to do to the AP English readers this summer.... aka be a smarty pants. :) {I'm not really going to, just WANT to}. So here's the story. Melmel and I sit next to each other in English {for the time being...} and we have a CRAZY smart english class. So recently, we wrote an essay on some 'professional essay'. Who deems them professional anyways?! Moving on.... So, our english teacher wanted to either 1. make us feel like idiots, 2. show us how we are complete failures at writing, 3. soldify our thoughts on never passing the AP exam, or 4. her two crown students will never be surpassed in school. {You can choose one of those four options.} So she decided to read two '9' papers to us. Let's remember that most of the class got '4's and '5's, a '9' is pretty much a perfect essay since I don't think they even give 10s. So, our teacher was telling us how one of the girls was very good at taking one word out of the essay and using it to strengthen her argument. This is where the plan came from. Melmel and I are just going to start quoting 'and' and 'the'. Our argument? The pros are bound to use those words SOMEWHERE in their essay we're forced to analyze so we'll look all smart with our single word strengtheners. Yup, we're totally passing the AP exam. Don't even worry. :)

That's all for now! Except I did get some girlfriend pics from Kenzie over at 'For Infinity' {aka 'Those Crazy Girls'  on my sidebar} So I'll share a few that i Love! :) I love them all though.... so it'll be hard. :) But here's a go. :)

We love our books, kay? don't judge.thxs. :)
I know I'm a dork, It's okay, don't tell me. :)
Gotta love pics in the 'stang. :)

That's the first part, actually, really all, of the update! But I will be blogging about tonight, it should be a very fun night! See ya tomorrow then! :)

Love Always,


The Boob Nazi said...

And THAT is why I didn't take AP English my junior or senior years. I refused.

emmakaren said...

Ya, it pretty much should be called "AP Smash your ego to smitherines because you SUCK at English"! It makes you REALLY confident in life...NOT.