Life is Great! :)

So, let's talk about catching up on life. :) First.....
Stuco State Convention!!!!!
OMheck! So much fun! Because stuco kids are RIDIC! You.don't.even.know. So pretty much we all day for two days straight. Dance parties anytime music played, joking around with the Scottinator, and finding out some interesting stuff about people! Like REALLY interesting stuff. We also had some awesome motivational speakers and shared ideas at round tables with kids from other councils. The convention was at North High School and it was built in 1939! Holy Oldness! But coolness! So very fun! Picture time!!! :)
Getting ready at the hotel! 

sitting on a large inflatable couch? 

Carl's Jr. at midnight!!! :) Yes, the Scottinator made us get out and walk up to the menu as Red Mountain ordered. It was an adventure. :)

60's day!  

So that was lots of fun! Then on Tuesday Jordynn and I went out to support out Toro soccer team while the played in the first round of state playoffs! Sadly, they lost. :( But the refs were like mega gay! It was so annoying! But Jordynn and I had a little adventure because Hamilton is like half an  hour away. So we left at like 4:45 even though the game started at 6:30. We got to Chandler at like 5:30 and then went to Subway cause we were both STARVING. And you can't support the soccer team on an empty stomach! But then we went back to Hamilton and paid our five bucks to get in only problem....nobody was in the visiting stands yet, cause it was only six. haha. So we sat behind the bleachers for like 15 min hiding from the soccer team and doing our homework. Then all the parents started coming and we went and sat in the stands. :) Good times. Here's the pic we took of our hiding out... hehe
ya, we're both doing funky faces but get over it. :)

The rest of the week was EXTREMLY slow but the weekend end on The Women, Cafe Rio, Dear John, and Alex/Becca's Birthday party! An overall wonderful weekend! :) Now on to the next, hope it's just as good! :)

Have a wonderful night! :)
Love Always, 
p.s. Alex and Becca's top ten birthday lists are in the make. :) 

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Amanda said...

holy cow, this made me so nostalgic for my stuco days! i loved state when i finally got to go and i'm so glad you had such a good time! also, i LOVE that you call ms. scott the scottinator and i'm glad that she's still doing her thing. haha, you're so cute! i love your life!