Hello, my name is Behind the Times.

So, it's missionary week in seminary. Which is exciting! Kinda....I'm just more excited for Caleb's mission call to come on THURSDAY! :) Soooo very exciting. So would you like to know why I'm behind the times? Well, ya know this man?
Well of course you do, because he's like old bussiness, right? Well right! Unless you're me! So, since it is missionary week I decided to listen to my Josh Groban Pandora radio because it's Josh Groban, so totally missionary appropriate. Anyways, I'm listening to it and guess what song comes on?
This I Swear
by this lovely man. and kinda, my heart melted A LOT. Cause it was so incredible adorable! And then I realized it's like crazy old and I felt kinda lame. But I don't care cause I love it and it is going to be in my wedding video. Along with these:
Then by Brad Paisley
Not a Day Goes By by Lonestar
In Her Eyes by Josh Groban
Us by Regina Spektor 
I Just Love You by Five for Fighting
Comfortable by John Mayer
The Luckiest by Ben Folds
Lost by Faith Hill
Breathe by Faith Hill
Every Day by Rascal Flatts
Because of Your Love by Kenney Chesney 
Thank You by Keith Urban
Ya, it's not a big deal that I have the playlist picked out, right?right. Also, I know what I want to do in college but that's a different post. :)

Love Always,

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Emily Sue said...

i freaking love you so much!!!!