Me Encanta La Lluvia

Yes, I do. I love the rain. :) It rained yesterday...but actually, it mega rained. And it was amazing. :) Here is how my day went down: Helped with and Eagle Project, and then did Homework, and then Ryan came and saved me from my severe cabin-fever that was overcoming me. So we headed out to our park, in the pouring rain. When we got there, I beat him in tic-tac-toe and then we played around in the rain some. :) But then we decided we should probably mostly dry-off before we headed to a birthday party. So as we sat in Wayne, with the heater all the way up, we wrote on the windows and took some pictures. :)
This is Ryan warming up, I have no idea what face he's making, but it makes me giggle. :)
Ryan was pointing to my shoes as I took up all three heaters drying them off. :)
pretty self-explanitory  :)

Did I mention I have a shoe-obsession?
I do. it's nbd. :)
Thinking Ryan.
We're Keepers. :)
once we had finished drying/warming up we picked up Jordy, and Scott and headed over to our friend's birthday party. :) Ryan wore the plastic fireman hat we picked up on the side of the rode and once we started playing Egyptian Rat Screw he got SUPER hyper. It was really funny...Pretty Sure Jordynn and I were going to pee our pants about five million times over. Anyways, we decided it was the fireman hat.... It was making him crazy. :) 
Contemplating how he will slap down his cards...
'My tongue is sticking out in that one...' haha
Anyway, he eventually became normal Ryan again, and then we all went home. It was a fabulous night. :) I hope everyone else had a great weekend! :)


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