And this is why....

I do did not have a facebook. Because now it's almost 11 p.m. and I was supposed to be asleep two hours ago but got distracted for an hour by the wretched thing called facebook. I'm pretty sure I'm the only teenager on the face of the earth who's parent forced them to reactivate their facebook account. Pathetic? possibly. 
moving on....

Here is(are) my joy(s) recently:
  Spencer Smith
Definitely, this kid is one of the coolest, most awesome kids ever! he created a facebook app for my campaign and in return, got 6 delicious chocolate cupcakes from me. :) You should really go check out the app and add it to your page then  have all your friends add it. :) The link is right {here}
did you go there?!

Four days with these girls and all of Choral in SAN FRAN! Oh baby, oh! So pumped!!! Plus, I only have to go to two days of school this week, can you say,

If I could gobble this girl up, I would! I love her and her cute stories and exciting things that happened over the break that made me silent scream into my pillow for about ten min! Mmmhhh.... love her like a fat boy loves cake and ice cream. :)

  Hi, this is Ryan.
He likes to do funny things... Like putting his cumberbun (however you spell it) around his head. Weird, I think so. But man, what this boy has in weirdness he makes up for in pure wonderfulness! He makes me very happy. We went and surprised his grandparents on Saturday night and I got to meet Benny! (his dog) And it was very fun but I'm pretty sure only he and I would ever go to visit grandparents on a Saturday night.... :)

  What to do with Joey?
I honestly don't know.... He got a hold of my packing tape in orchestra (yes, I was carrying it around that day) and decided it would be fun all over his face. I'm slightly concerned by him.... but I do believe his mother would be proud.

  La Familia Barton
Take a look at my one and only Spring Break 2010 picture! Here is a beautiful picture of my Grandma, our awesome tower of dominios, and my Aunt Rebecca acting like a five year old (which is typical). Anyway, long short of things, we pretty much kept the lobby up till one am every night playing crazy games and being... well, the Bartons! it was fabulous. :) I love my family!

The Best Poster of 2009-2010
Made by the one, the only, Morgan Davis. It has survived all year long! Which is quite the feat, if you know how poster making at Mountain View goes! It most certainly wins the best poster award and all congratualtions should be handed to Morgan. :)

My Little Sister
Need I say more? yes. She is so sweet and amazing and so dang cute! I love her with all my guts and just love spending every single moment with her! We give each other good advice and always have the funniest things happen to us! We also enjoy attacking people's houses with love when they are gone. :) 

Pure Joy. 
Hello, meet my new 24 cupcake tin. :) It brings me great joy and is very wonderful. It will join my Boch in my future kitchen and bring much joy to friends, family, husband, kiddos, and grandchildren in the years to come. It is a sign of my father's love to me. :)

First off, these girls, are amazing! I love Dahlya and Daniella so dang much! And we all decided we love out stuco family sooo much! Always fun! But these two girlies make the top ten list of faves and I'm so happpy we've had such a bomb-diggitty year together! 
p.s. vote for Dahlya for Student Body VP :)

  I say Cali! You say Whipple!
Isn't this the most adorable picture?! I love it. :) Cali is just a bundle of joy and I love her guts! One of my favorite things happens to be when we take pictures, she Always bends down, even though that just makes me have to bend even further since she's probably a good.... foot and a half shorter than me! We can't figure out why she does this.... But I love her all the same. :)

So those are my loves of the week/day/forevers. :)
Have a good Monday and wish me luck- it's campaign week!
just remember,
looking for an awesome school year?
there's an app for that. 

Emma Barton for Student Body President. 
 There, it's out. :)

All my loves,

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HOLLAAAAA!!! booyah poster for life