Father was Right!

Facebook is wonderful for campaign! What to hear why? So I added new friends who were fans of the amazing {APP} that Spencer made for me! So, my new friend and I had a mini convo like this (nf=new friend, m=me)

nf: Just wanted to let you know, you have my vote!
m: thank you so much! It means a ton! If you could spread the word, that would be wonderful!
nf: Oh do not worry I am!! They all have said they will plus we all love your slogan "theres an app for that." haha so perfect and memorable
m: Fabulous! Thank you so much! :)

Make my day? Very much so. Ya know what else is making my day?  I will be here tomorrow....
San Fran here I come!!! :) SOOOOO excited!
Don't forget to spread the word about voting for me for student body president! It'll be greatly appreciated! :)

Love Always,

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Laraine Eddington said...

Good luck with your campaign Emma!