Holy Hello!

Wow, busy busy busy! So, let's get bad news out of the way. I didn't win elections. But it's all ok! Haley is going to be a great SBP and I'm very happy for her! But I'll still post my poster picture cause it's too dang cute not too. :)
Cute, huh?
If elections were based only on posters, I most definitely would have won cause my mom is the best poster maker in the WORLD! Sadly, it's not, and I didn't win. But I'm ok! cause guess where I was when I found out I didn't win???
With the best friends in the entire world! Let me tell you, I loved every second of it! And when I found out, I was disappointed but I was able to quickly be happy again cause all my very best friends were there and were so very nice to me! :) Here is a picture tour of our tour! {ha, I'm funny. :)}

Meet Cody Hunt. He is very wonderful and asks me everyday, "Emma, can we fall in love?" haha. Oh, Cody.  Naomi and I loved hanging out with him! He's the one who determined that Lane and I are to be wed and have 326 kids. {it's called MASH, people}.

We took about a bajillion pictures the first day as we were exploring Golden Gate Park and The Golden Gate State Park. Yes, they are two different places. But pretty much it was bomb. :) Can you tell that Naomi and I like taking pictures together?  That night, we went and saw....


mmhhh.... LOVE. I was pretty much bursting with joy the entire time!!!! Except for the sad part where I pretty much cried... ok, i did cry. But anyway, I sported the Nephite look with the good 'ole gold headband and I very much liked it! It was my first nephite wear ever, and I think I shall do it more! :)

The next day was recording and seeing How to Train Your Dragon in 3D in George Lucas' PRIVATE SCREENING ROOM!!! Ya, awesome. For sure the coolest thing ever! 

next day we spent at a clinic at UC East Bay and then we got to go the The California Academy of Sciences. Pretty much the most amazing museum you will ever see! And I'm not kidding! Loves that place so much and wanted to spend forever there! 
Acting tall like the Giraffe. :)
Secretly, we're Zebras. :)
UP!!!! This one is for Ryan. :)

We played lots of Nija on the trip....
But I never played cause I seriously DISLIKE that game. I'll play sometimes.... but not always. 

We also saw lots of.....
AARON CARS!!!! Yay for Aaron! :)

All in all, it was the best trip ever! I LOVED it so very much! Don't even think you can comprehend how much! I came home and Ryan came over to help me get caught up in chemistry and after we were done we watched Iron Chef America and I totally fell asleep in his lap! Woops! 

Then yesterday, I tried to teach this boy.....
How to drive stick-shift. He wasn't very good at it.... And as we were trying to cross Val Vista on Thomas road, he kept stalling and was getting super embarrassed and it was sooo funny! Well, for me that is! haha. He hated it, but only cause I'm better at it then him! ha!

And I also got asked to prom last night!
Boys and asking me with food.... I will never get it. :) But it'll be very fun! :)

And lastly, I'm super excited for our....

Tomorrow! :) We're going to go eat at BJ's and the see The Last Song. mmmh.... yum. :) So excited!!!!
I Love my girls so very much!!! :) 

Love Always,


Lucas said...

oh emma, I can relate to the election ordeal. I ran for student body vp against ashlyn and michelle(yeah what was I thinking?) haha but I loved fine arts commissioner so I bet you will find another spot that will be a great fit for you!
Correction those smart cars are Anna cars not aaron cars! haha
But yeah that san fran trip rocked,I am jealous.
OH yeah so drive stick shift...props emma.
Well this comment is way long now haha peace.
P.S. this weekend the blog of lab will post so be ready!

Ashley Chase said...

okay I love this post So many great pictures, and well I also just wanted to say, you have the most AMAZING poster!! I would vote for you!!! Good Luck Hope you win. :)