Newest Top Ten!

Here are my top ten things currently:

#1 Just Dance
Seriously, if you have not played this, you've probably heard about it and how AMAZING it is! Like seriously, best wii game EVER. And whoever got to makeup all the dances had the most fun job on the face of this Earth!

#2 Power Yoga Total Body Workout
Hi, I have a secret obsession with you. No joke. It makes me so zen-esque and I love it like a little kid likes the tooth fairy! It's actually pretty hard, but so worth it! And an amazing workout! Perfect for making up a missed gym day or when you're really angry and want to punch something! Either one! :)

#3 A Bend In The Road by Nicholas Sparks
Started this book last night, am on page twenty, and already, I am obsessed. Yes, I have problems.

#4 Sonny with A Chance!!!!!
Wow, New favorite tv show, much? It's amazing. Go watch it.

#5 My Hammock
 My favorite place at my house!!! Especially made better when there is someone to cuddle with. :)

#6 The Last Song
Don't care what others said, I LOVED this movie to the extreme! Seriously, that boy is amazing and I actually love Miley Cyrus tons. Don't judge. I also like Hillary Duff. But that's beside the point. Anyway, I really want to see it again like ASAP.  And, I bawled the entire second half of the movie. And walked out of the theater crying. I call that a good movie. Oh, and I want to see Dear John again.... sigh. Oh romantic movies, you are my favorite. Where did this Nicholas Sparks man come from and why is he not my husband?

#7 Dixie Chicks
Currently, I'm in love with their music. Take that back, I've loved their music forever but have rediscovered them. Don't you love when that happens?

#8 A Great and Terrible Beauty
All I can say is READ THIS BOOK. It's sooo good and I need to go get the rest of the series ASAP cause I'm kinda-sorta-really dying. 

#9 Miley Cyrus
Yes, I realize I already said I like her, but she gets her own spot. I think the world gives her too much crap. Get your own life, paparazzi, rather than ruin others-geesh. Plus, I'm in love with her new song from The Last Song called When I Look at You. Um... hi, I like your alto voice and the words to this song and in general, I think you're a dandy girl. That is all.

#10 (which is really my favorite) 
 Bet you thought Pandora was the best thing to happen to music. Well guess what, you're WRONG! Grooveshark is the best thing ever! Like no joke, I've probably been listening to my grooveshark constantly for the last... of I dunno, two weeks. It's amazing. If you're a music nerd like me, go, listen, be in love. 

That is all. :) Hope you enjoy some of the same things as I do. :)
Love Always,

Pto theS I am going thrift store shopping tomorrow and I'm so stoked!!!

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Chloe said...

I love this post! I have to admit that I loved Miley Cyrus in the last song too. It was really the greatest movie ever! And just dance is such a fun game, you should see Lucas play it you will die of laughter!