Here's my problem. 
Blog Stalking
Seriously, it's baaaaad. 
but I mean, it's not the worst,
I just kinda love to not do my homework....
and wander through blog land....
and end up at someone's blog that I don't know but I'm in 
LOVE with.
hm... oh well, I'm ok with this problem. :)

Love Always,


Cloyd said...

Emma you are super strange. Do your homework.

Love your big brother.

P.S. I can't wait to see you! Until then have a great two weeks

Lucas said...

are you blog stalking me?! haha
p.s. wii dance rocks and it happens that I just somehow seem to pwn everyone,I guess that games brings out my natural dancing skilz! haha

Makay said...

meeeee tooooooooooooooo darling. that is how I found your blog. when i was supposed to be doing my homework... for ap english. wayyyy better.


I don't care if you blogstalk me haha.



Morgan said...

I have the exact same problem! But blogs are just waaaay better than homework. I especially love yours! So. dang. cute.

Rachel Lyn said...

Mhmm, i love blog stalking! And i love yours! Let's be blog friends! And real friends. Like in chorale and stuff, yeah. I love your adorable everything!