Tomorrow is my dear friend's birthday! His name is Spencer Smith, and he is the bomb-legit. No joke. So, in honor of him, we have a happy birthday top ten!!! :)
#1. Spencer is the most genuine boy on this planet! He is so wonderful and kind and will listen to your problems {or your random talk} no matter what!
#2. He has one of the top ten best senses of humor! No joke, this kid can crack a joke like a chick can crack an egg! 
#3. He kinda stinks at Super Smash Brothers but will never admit that. I admire that. :)
#4. Say hello to the next Steve Jobs, no joke. This kid scares me whenever he comes in contact with a computer... like how he can make my computer search for something different then what I typed when he's sitting at a different computer! He did it. He's crazy. It's the awesomest mad-skill I've ever seen!
#5. His hair. Now how can you NOT love that long hair? It kinda reminds me of Shaggy from Scooby-Doo and I love Scooby-Doo.
#6. He's a chemistry genius. Um... hi, may I have a piece of your brain, please?
#7. Spencer is always willing to do things for me in seminary! He probably gets assigned to the prayer or leading at least once a week! That's what you get for being frineds with the class president! 
#8. Spencer has the best facial expressions! In fact, it's pretty hard to pay any attention to Mr. Mellyn on a Saturday morning while Spencer is eating Lucky Charms seductively next to you.... you get the point, i hope.
#9. Spencer likes my cupcakes and cookies. This always makes a person 120% more loved and appreciated by the world. :)
#10. Spencer is FAMOUS!!!!! Have you seen How to Train Your Dragon??? Ya, Hiccup is Spencer to a T. Not even kidding. So if you've seen that, you know how wicked-awesome-amazing-fantabulous Spencer is! They even look alike!!!! I'll prove my point.. compare the picture {below} to the picture {above}
Do you see it?! Ya, he's Hiccup, and he's AWESOME!

So that's Spencer. Pretty much, if you want me to hook you up with him, I'd be more than happy to! That is... if you're cute, and nice, and fun, and etc. Cause Spencer deserves the very best! :)If you don't know this kid, and you should happen to bump into him, you should spin around and jump up and say, "Holy Shannagins! It's the all-awesome and amazing SPENCER SMITH!" Even if you do know him, if you see him, you should spin, jump and say that. Just for fun. :) Make sure you wish him a happy birthday as well! And have a wonderful day! :)

Love Always,

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Makay said...

awwww. so cute! :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY SPENCER!

how old is he now? sweet 16?

haha :)