I came home from school and realized I had no homework to do tilll seven....
and then I had AP Chem...kill me much?
but not really, cause Cydnee is my partner!
And I LOVE that girl to death!
So I decided to watch Glee... 
(yes, I'm a guilty watcher of Glee)
And then Sonny with a Chance.
And then I thought,
I'll Blog! 
And I had an idea.... but I can't remember what it was about....
So, here I am....
{sorry about the sidewaysness}
Oh the days of long hair.... :( 
This was when i was reading Killer Angels for Block.
Let me tell ya, 
it was KILLER.
Hated that book. 
Obviously I couldn't concentrate cause I have like fifty pictures of myself TRYING to read... ha. 
So while I have your captivated attention, 
I'll showcase Naomi's amazing editing skills...
I stole some pictures from her...
And I LOVE them! So enjoy! :)
The above and above, above are my favorite. :)
 hehe. :)
Definitely wish I was as mad-skilled as her! 
Love her to death and miss her!
Stupid All-State....
Joke, I think it's amazing she made it! 
And so did Alexandra!
mucho love them both!
Signing out!

Have a great day/night!
Love Always,


Makay said...

awesome pics! I love the babe, boy, FAIL! hahha. like that. :)

thanks for the advice on my blog...

today he said "So, will you dance with me at your party?" (my sweet 16 party that is)

i said "ummm...sure" ("of course!" i wanted to scream haha.)

he then said... "oh, awesome" and he said "i will have to practice." haha.

so what do you think????


Nam said...

mmmmh i kina sorta love your ...a bunch load.. :D these pictures i edited make me happy :) but even more so that they made it to your blog :)

this babe missed you too in allstate..there was no one to be loud with ;)<3