Ello World!

Wow, I've fallen off the face of the earth. My bad. Anyway, I  got our prom pictures! So I shall share! {yes, i realize it was forever ago, I'm slow at posting}
{LOVED} our group!
  Oh grand memories....

As for recently, Summer has come! Our last day of school was on Thursday and it has been a FABULOUS start to summer! Here is what has happened:
Thursday: Guac and Oreo party at Alex's {tradition among our friends}
Graduation fun with Dahlya:
(sorry it's sideways)
The very normal Girl pile of tiredness after graduation:
 and no, I did not graduate, but I helped for stuco and played for orchestra. :)

Friday: Cleaned out my backpack and read and played lots of piano. Then a temple trip with Ryan and then, Golfland with Namoi, Cuc, Zack, and Scott! Very fun! I ended up falling asleep on Namoi's lap while we watched Ms. Doubtfire and so Zack drove us home in my car- luckily we made it alive. haha. I only have one picture from the night because after I took this, I dropped my camera and it wouldn't turn on and then it got imersed in water by my leaking water bottle. Luckily, the Arizona sun is amazing and after my camera "tanned" in the sun on Saturday, it was fixed. :)
They're dorks.

Saturday: I did chores and played some more piano and then attended the burning of school papers at Josh's house. It was glorious. :) And we had some very funny talks between Alisha, Cuc, and I as the boys did boyish stuff. haha. And then Zack showed up at my house at like midnight and we talked till like one.... random? very.

But it's been fabulous! And today we attened Joe Udall's farwell then drove to Lucas' farwell then drove back to our building for Young Womens/Young Men's! Crazy! But Joe is going to Puerto Rico and Lucas is going to Canada! Their talks were fabulous, both were excellent and it proves that they're going to be wonderful missionaries! I'm so excited for both of them! :) Have a wonderful day! 

Love Always,


Lucas said...

thanks emma!It was so great seeing the barton's walk into my farewell! I will miss eating the leftover pizza,having crazy party's and just being around a great family!thanks! Love ya!

Katelin said...

so..on pretty much 100% of your post you have some seriously cute and amazing pictures....BUT..on some of your posts you get them from somewhere other than your own personal camera..WHERE DO YOU GET THEM? They are sooo adorable!