Life....Full Speed Ahead

This is a totally random post, but I'm kinda pro at that, right? Anyway, life has been barreling on faster than Buzz Lightyear. Last week I spent the entire weekend in Tucson at Arizona Girl's State. Probably one of the best decisions of my life. I met some amazing people and although I wanted to cry both Sunday and Monday night, the week sped up Tuesday and everything turned out amazing thanks to some amazing girls, the most amazing city advisor, and a long time on my knees.

Sadly, my camera is broken. Remember that? ya, so no pictures from Girls State. But I was tublr stalking one of the girls, Angela, and her tumblr just makes me crazy happy. She's so cute! Look at this pic of her and her boyfriend:
Yup, heart melting a little lota bit! Plus, he's Jewish which I find crazy cool and yup... So pretty much all my pictures in this post are from her at 

So, I got home from girls state to a house full of extended family. Mmhh, I love them. We had Caleb's mission farewell on Sunday and then an open house and it's was so CRAZY. I'm sad he's leaving, but I know he'll be amazing and that these two years will be amazing.

Have you ever had those moments where you're just content with life? 
Definitely feeling that way. I'm so happy because my family is the best and I love them all so much. Heck, my two older brothers even watched most of Pride and Prejudice with me last night till like one a.m. Granted, they tackled me into the beanbag after and tickled me till I couldn't breath, but you can't have your brothers always be nice, right? 

I also love my friends. All of them. Especially Morg and Jess. 
{Excuse the ancientness & oddness of the picture} We've had our ups and downs. MAJOR. But ya know what, we've all found out who we are and where we're going, and we've found our way back to each other- I couldn't be happier. They're the greatest supporters in my life, and I'm so grateful for them.

It's also really fun to makeup random blog addresses and then look them up to see if they're taken... and when they're not, I am happy. :) Try it sometime. 

Summer makes my life wonderful.

I will start blogging better once I get back from EFY and Scottland, so be prepared. 

Love Always,

p.s. I just realized blogger has a spell check... wow, that would have helped me out eons ago.

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Makay said...

Yep. Random post. But I am pretty sure I speak for all of your followers when I say, We love you for it. Haha. Reading your posts makes me smile haha. :)

And yeah I know girl, I recently discovered spell check as well... wow... what a beautiful thing. ;)