Oh, I believe....

There are three things that I'm really learning to believe in. 
1. Miracles
2. Prayers
3. Family
Not that I didn't believe in them before, but now, I actually SEE the power of these three things.

#1 Miracles.
Probably the best word- Miracle.
Because they actually happen every single day. 
And sometimes I think we're too slow to recognize them.
But I've seen miracles in deaths.
Miracles in pain.
Miracles in recovery.
Miracles in friendships.
Miracles in failures.
I just KNOW that the Lord is always working miracles for us. 
Like it says in Mormon 9:19-20,27
We just have to have faith in the Lord and do as he asks,
and he WILL work miracles.

#2 Prayers. 
Prayers bring miracles.
I know they do.
And they bring comfort.
And people need our prayers.
Please keep Tara Schlappi in yours. 

#3 family

Nothing beats my family. 
And spending the weekend with ALL of them...
It was amazing.
I just love them so very much.
More than I ever tell them.
And more than you'll ever know.
Nothing is greater than families,
and I'm so glad the Church puts such a huge emphasis on them. 

Isn't life amazing?
Keep your hopes up, and your smiles on. 

Love Always,


Anonymous said...

Awww. I liked this a lot Emma. You are an awesome sister, with an awesome testimony. I wouldn't trade you for anyone else. Thank you for being so great. I loved our weekend together, too.

rachel schlappi said...

ohh emma i just about cried! okay wait, i am. great and i'm all ready for school... but seriously you are the kindest, sweetest, most amazing girl! i love you so much.

Makay said...

You are so great. and this is a fantastic blog, and you seriously just wrote an AWESOME post! I love you girly! hahha.

Loved this post. The power of a prayer... is simply asking God to use his healing hand. I am praying for Tara.

Love, makay