Prom Pictures and Jordynn and Emma love!

So... prom was so super legit! So very much fun! My date, Christopher Allen, was so very kind and gentleman-esq that everything was amazing! Plus, he has some super sweet dance moves! And, he looked very dashing in his tux! But probably the most legit thing.... he MADE my crosague (I have no idea how to spell that). Like he put it all together and made it! And it most definitely was the cutest one there! props to Chris!!! (props, props!) All our planning in stuco really paid off, and everything went without a hitch! Soooo great to see all the hardwork we've done for an entire year finally turn out! Props to Morgan for such a fantastic job! Love that girl! :) So, pretty much, I.Love.Prom. Pictures!
 My WONDERFUL date! 
(and yes, I am wearing like 3 in. heels. And I'm 5' 9'')
 Adam likes to jump into pictures he's not invited in...
but we still love him. :) 
Apparently Chris is a vampire?
But we are sipping wonderful sparkling cider. :)

And ya, that's all I got from prom..... I know, I'm the worst picture taker on the face of the Earth! Sorry! But, Last weekend Jordynn and i went to the Benefit Palooza concert for New Global Citizens and to support my dearest dears, Joey and Dahlya. :) The concert was great! And as we waited for a band we were less interested in, Jordynn and I went to the MAC and took some pictures! Here is the sisterly love we have! Enjoy! :)
 Please Excuse the awkwardness of the two of us in this pic...
Candid Moments are the best....
And here are some of my new favorite band Any Color You Want. They rock my world, for serious. And, two of my very best friends are in it! Joey on cello, and Dahlya on guitar and vocals! LOVE THEM!
 They're the bom-diggity. It's too bad you didn't hear them at the benefit concert! You missed out! But maybe they'll record and I'll send you all a cd because I love you. :) Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week! 
Love Always,


Emily Sue said...

uhmmm hi, you're GORGEOUS. seriously, your date was lucky you looked so good!

Makay said...

cute prom pics... haha. I didn't go this year, but I am next year. :) I kind of am excited.

and btw... jase said he would hook up with you somehow. haha. ;D maybe an "email relationship" considering you probably live thousands of miles away. unfortuantly :( haha


emmakaren said...

Thank you! And Makay, you crack me up! I'm pretty terrible at long distance relationships. Maybe Jase should just move here. :) hahaha