What the World Needs..

There are five things I think the world needs.... 
#1. Brown Sugar

#2. Lots of Words of Encouragement

#3. Vintageness

#4. Thank You Letters

#5. Days where you feel Cute. 
(excuse the awkward posing)

That is all.
Have a great day!
I'm off to see a bunch of my friends play in a benefit concert. :)

Love Always,


Emily Sue said...

ahhh so true!!! you look darling in that outfit btw! i just love love your blog. and i think you're so cute!

Rachel Lyn said...

YA because you LOOK cute!! Emma, you're adorable.

Autumn said...

I love that outfit. No wonder you felt cute! :) Thanks to Emily, I love this blog! Found it off of her list.

Makay said...

truth. you speak the truth! haha. i love you top and belt, cute combo! And I also love your "feel good" posts. it is refreshing. :D

never change.



Dana said...

I just found your blog, and it's so awesome! Your background is lovely. Thats also quit a cute dress, you have the right to feel cute in it!

I'm going to follow your blog!