A Few Loves

Here are a few things that I'm loving right now.
#1. Cereal in a cup. 
Unfortunately, Google has no pictures of this. But let me tell you, it's the best. So much better than in a bowl. Why? I have no idea. BUt you should try it. 

#2. My cute and crazy Texas cousins
({thanks Aunt Mandy for the pic! ;)}
I was reading my Aunt's blog and she had pictures of all the Barton cousins and I thought, "Man, they're fun." Even though they're all about ten years younger than me.... I love them. And they're crazy. End of story. But that's why I love them. :)

#3. Family
Just in general, it's the best. These are my Utah cousins and Grandma (Kendricks) Plus my Texas grandparents before my brother's mission farewell. Aren't we a fine looking crew? I thought so. But I love all of my family. How could you not? 

Oh, and lastly, a funny story that happened at the gym. :)
(I typed 'gym' into google and got this.... What the lima bean?!)
Anyway..... So, I was at the gym, doing my thing today. I had finished my run so I was doing the Elliptical. And this guy (about 20ish) starts walking up the stairs and he's pretty attractive-not gonna lie. As he walks up the stairs he's kinda eying each row seeing who all is working out on the ellipticals and bikes and etc. And then he gets to my row and TOTALLY checks me out then hops on the Elliptical right next to me. He pretends to be all cool and get his ipod ready for his 'intense' work out and then starts trying to go super fast. That lasted for five minutes- I laughed to myself. (I don't think he had any idea I'm only 17 and WAY too young for him) So I finished my workout and stopped then got off the Elliptical and started to grab my water bottle and wrap up my ipod etc. He looks over at me and his face looked like he was scared he was going to miss his chance or something! So he hurriedly got off and grabbed his stuff, but not before I could walk away to the weights, thankfully. hahah. It pretty much made my day. Older men at the gym looking for a girl... oh dear. 

Love Always,


Emily Sue said...

bahh!! emma you're just a little hottie!!! :)

Over the Rainbow and Back Again said...

haha oh emma. i miss your crazy stories!

Laraine Eddington said...

Wow Emma. That was brilliant short story!