One long Vacation

So far... that's what summer has been. Which doesn't make sense cause that's what summer is.... but, what I mean by that is, I've been gone pretty much all sumer. Here are some updates:
#1. Caleb is in Scotland! Serving in a town called Dumbarton which is pronounced dumb-barton. Kind ironic, ain't it? But hhe's doing great! Go to to read his letters! :)
#2. EFY with my dearest Alexandra was amazing! So very much fun! A few quick pics:
let's be cheesey
Our Counselors: 
Natalie: "dude, I'm a thug. Don't touch me and my cougar marching band uke."
Dan: "I can do blue steal....sometimes."
All the girls
All of everyone.
#3. Our trip to the UK and Ireland was fantastic. We had some craziness {g-ma forgetting her passport in Utah after we arrived in Arizona Saturday night. Dad not realizing the London Subway opens later on Sundays and almost missing our plane home. (I even told him the it did- he didn't listen.) And trying to remember to drive on the left side of the road-WEIRD.} Once again, pic highlights.
First Stop: Ireland 
We spent the first day in Ireland but I didn't take any good pics. But I will say this, when visiting Dublin, eat at The Potters Pub (or something close to that name) across from Trintity college. AMAZING.  
I forgot to mention another adventure:
European 'vans'+6 people+12 bags= Masters of Luggage tetrus
Our first hotel was graced by the presence of Frank Sinatra.....
and Seth. 
daddy and I at Powerscourt Gardens.
My father enjoys laying in old caskets-nbd.
The Battle of the Boyne. And the strongest memory for all of us: laying in the Irish grass that is everywheree. We probably spent the majority of our time doing that.
Josh should not live in Scotland.
Typical Father....
Underneath Highway Maintenance it reads:
"It's hard to kidnap fat people."
We throughly enjoyed the humor.
Oh my love....
The bust of Mr. Darcy
Mr. Darcy's home- Gorgeous.
We like mazes. And Josh enjoys holding my purse. :)
 So funny story about this dude:
He was sitting on his horse like a good guard but a bit slouchy. He decides to look up and he and I catch eye contact for a few seconds and I kinda blush and smile (he was cute) and he straightens in his saddle. It made me day. :)
Westminster Abby.
Big Ben- he's big.

And that is that. I will once again return to normal blogging- Praise the heavens. 
Have a wonderful day!

Lots of Love,


Katelin said...

i love the pic of...Seth?..his back is to the the field..with the building and the sky..haha..anyways..Love..the end.

Rachel Schlappi said...

I've have been missing your blog posts!!! really so much!
Yesterday i almost texted you to tell you to blog because thats how much i miss it!
but i refrained.
love you!!

Chloe said...

Cute pictures! It sounds like you have an amazing summer!! I am so glad you all had a great time in Scotland! Also I am glad you are going to start blogging more because I have been missing it!