I Pretend I'm Rocky.

So I slept in till eight today. To start off, yes, that is late for me. And once I got up, I went to the gym, naturally. And when I got to the gym, I realized why I don't wake up late.... The entire world is at the gym (pretty much) from the hours of 8-10. No joke. EVERYONE. And I have this weird paranoia about the gym... I don't like to see people there, because I like to pretend I'm like rocky and workout fiercely. Another main reason is because I don't know what to do about the people I know. Do I talk to them around the machine? Do I just smile? Do I walk by and pretend I'm super intense about working out? I normally opt fot the third choice. And then I just feel more awkward. So to Joey's mom.... that's why I didn't say hi or anything.... ha. And to the guy in my ward who decided it'd be fun to come and run on the treadmill RIGHT NEXT TO ME (what is up with that?!) I just found it a little bit awkward so.... sorry. And if you ever see me at the gym... let's just be awkward together, ok? I probably can't hear you anyways cause I turn my ipod all the way up. It normally sends people off, and adds to my look of fierce Rocky.  Maybe I should get a dog to workout with me.... Anyone have fake snow?

Moving on, weird story. So I decided I wanted to make a pandora station of Les Miserable music. So I did. And it's played Les Miserable and Phantom so far. Really? I expected more from you pandora.

Love Always,

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