Guess God Knows I'm not Patient....

 I have  a really funny story.
I went to get gas today
don't laugh yet
And normally I take my phone and my keys out of the car
today I didn't.
Even though I had a though to do so....
{you should listen to your brain}
I start filling up
And try to put my card back in my wallet....
That's right.
keys, phone EVERYTHING
locked in good 'ole Roxanne
without a spare key in the hiding place.
Say a little prayer in my head...
And go ask this guy to borrow his phone
He looked nice.
He was.
I explained everything to Jessika 
told her how to save me
and gave the kind man his phone back.
Head back to my truck to wait....
And instantly Sister Jarvis pulls up to the gas station.
Not even joking. 
There's the answer to my prayer.
And now God and I both know I lack patience.
Maybe it's a sign...

Love Always,

p.s. you can laugh now

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