I have nothing exciting to write.
Plus school is tiring. :)
But fun
Imagine that! :) 
trip down memory lane? 
and no, they're not in order.
Winter Formal Sophomore Year with BFF
Adam Kent.
So Fun.
Big Bro, Caleb performing for the
Gotta love Toro spirit and football. :)
 Somewhere In north Cali. 
i love my dad
Sliding down a mud hill in Hawaii
My booty was very brown.
Poston Car Show- 9th grade.
Haylee and Becca
Haylee and I at the car show
Last Dance Disneyland Trip
9th Grade
The Night Haylee Morg and Jess stole my camera...
I was at Mason Duncan's house.
My first high school crush.
9th grade.
Can you find Morgan, Jessika and Adam?
9th grade.
he makes me laugh.
a lot.
Adam trying to escape the zoo...
Last Day of 9th grade
Young Love
Becca and Adam
Kim trying to kill Becca?
This picture is rather hillarious.
I love it.
Squeezing into Orchestra lockers
Joey, Adam, and Becca
well, their knees
Adam working on my cross stich
at our Lord of the Rings
EXTENDED version marathon...
the one and only time I've seen it.
I about died.
Plus, I had to miss SYTYCD
Double almost die.
Becca and I made that cake 
for Blake's 16th.
he's 18 now.
horseback riding with Sheri. 
Caroline, joey, becca and sheri
and gidget, the horse
First Girls' Night
Sophomore year.
 Zack a top....
even though he's scared of heights...
what a boy won't do
to impress the girl he likes
(and her father)
 We're awesome hiking buddies
My little bro and I think we're gangsta'
Sadie's Sophomore Year
last summer
jordy and i getting DRENCHED
at the boy's soccer game
last year
we were devoted supporters. 

And I plan to be this year
can't wait for soccer to start.
Senior year- it's crazy.
And so fun.
We've only had two days
but i'm in love
Only 286 left

Love Always,

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Makay said...

ditto with the school thing- such a true statement.

And I totally laughed at some of the pictures. haha. Thanks for sharing. I love flipping back in my files and looking at old pics- hilarious!

Love, Makay