It's funny....

Cause I will probably post again tonight.N.B.D. But I will do an update NOW. :)
The first weekend of school was a party.
No Joke. 
school started august 11th btws
We all went ice skating
then Bahama Bucking 
(not a real phrase)
and then Just Dancing. :)
Have I mentioned I Love Just Dance?!  
 Becca and I outside Bahama Bucks

 I swear this was candid!!!!
hehehehe. Curtis.....
There was a girl pile on the couch.... of course. :)

And yes, this is how we play Just Dance....
We ALL play together! 

 I was missing Cody Hunt one day...
So I 'held his hand' on the choir wall :)
And kissed it....

absolutely amazing. 
like wow.
I love him.
Nough said?
 I think so!

These are our 'excited' faces

Definitely we got free upgrades from lawn to seat tickets...  Thanks Saron!!!
It was the best thing ever.
Did I mention Zack was with us?
He missed the picture opportunity because he was flirting...
go figure. haha

Then last weekend....
We ate at CPK and then watched
My Best Friend's Wedding
at Caroline's.
I most definitely cried....
I forgot how sad that movie is! 
We are all Julia Roberts addicts!
And Meg Ryan. :)
Best Chick Flick people EVER!!!!

Alex was doing her awkward pose.....
They were pretending to be ASU fans....
It was a pic spot at TTMP
We couldn't resist. :)
p.s. TTMP= tempe town market place
We are soooo pro at self-timer on appetizer plates! 
And don't worry...
The camera probably only fell down about 50 times...
Becca joined us later.....

We were pretending to be like the 'party girls'
at the table next to us...
we thought we were REALLY funny
with our lemonades....
Maybe a "You HAD to be there" moment. 

So in other exciting news, 
By none other than Mr. Austin Flake!
 I am very excited to go with him!
I would share pics but my mom has them all....
so that's coming in the future.
Along with sugar cookie baking from tonight. :)

And I fell in love with.....
i am an addict.
And I wish I was Hermione Granger
And that Hogwarts were real.... 

 the end.

Have a fantabulous night/day/afternoon. :)

Love Always,

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Makay said...

Wow. Great post! SO MUCH FUNNNN! :)

One day I wanna go hang out with you and your friends! Seriously!


Love, Makay