I was bored like.. 
an hour ago. 
So I logged onto Blogger did the normal run through: 
who's saying what?
What hilar thing did Sis. Eddington post?
Any Greenwedding shoes? 
What's Rylee been doing? 
la de da. 
And then I saw this picture on the side of Snippet and Ink's little snippet of info 
(haha-laugh snippit...snippet and ink? ha) 
And I said. 
Holy crap that's gorgeous. 
Then something caught my eye...
Wedding Rings.
Never shopped for that before...
so I did...
this is what I found.
(all above via) 
And this beauty at Tiffany's...
LOVE the Tiffany

Then I was thinking about my dress... 
It's going to look like one of these dresses...

I wandered some more through Snippet & Ink

Decided I like tan suits for summer
and caps for always
and suspenders
and bowties
for always

And I really like yellow

All in all...
I have a problem
Somebody help.
But actually, 

My poor husband...
he'll love me.

Love Always,

p.s. Mr. Knightly finally popped the q.
I died a little
"She was his Emma, by hand and word when they returned to the house."
Jane Austen is brilliant


Rachel Lyn said...

emma!! Ok we are twins or something. i'll tell you why. and i hope it doesn't make you sad, because i am so happy at how alike we think! #1, i JUST wtached pride and Prejudice and thought how much i want my wedding dress to be like their pretty gowns! #2, yellow is my favorite color. Ok, so only two things. But anywa, i'm excited to see you at school! And we get to be the seniors of chorale!

Over the Rainbow and Back Again said...

Ring #1 Ring #1 Ring #1!!!'s so gorgeous. and i love the color yellow too for weddings. <3

Kathryn Storke said...

You totally just made my day. xoxox