What I've been doing...

Holy Crazy Busy Summer.  But so fun. So, picture recap. :) Plus a few funny short stories. :)
First: Pizza Making Party & Failed Dive-in Movie.
 Adam Caught in the act of creating....
THIS. Ingredients?
Pizza Dough Base
Peanut Butter Sauce
Chocolate Chips squished in
Lovely Chocolate Smiley Face Topper
All cooked on a pizza grill stone.....
What do you think?
Good? Bad? or Uggggly?
Spencer Thatcher on left with Spencer Smith on right looking ravishing after jumping in my bath tub of a pool waiting for the movie. 
Funny Story:
So it was super windy with a possibility of rain that night but my father and I sent up the movie anyways crossing our fingers it would all turn out. So we cook the pizzas and chat and all the sudden-gaghom! Wind storm. Movie Screen blown down. So I send everyone inside to watch a movie and right as Spencer Smith and I finish cleaning up the electronics and screen, the sky clears up and the wind stops. Like really?! Only at my party. We enjoyed the movie indoors nonetheless. :)

Number Two: Connor's Farewell in Utah
Story First.
Sunday my mom wakes me up with this
"We're going over to Brad and Amy's to clean Brad's office because he stepped on a pitchfork and is going to the E.R."
um.... What?
So we went over and cleaned the office to help Amy get ready for the open house after church (note, bad idea to make open house RIGHT after church). And yes, my uncle Brad did step on a Rusty picthfork and it jammed right inbetween his pinkie toe and other toe and guess what? It became a staph infection. Hours before his son's farewell address. We all just figured he was hungry for attention.

Monday night we set off fireworks for my Uncle Bart's Birthday
That's Connor standing probably 2 feet away from the firework....
he payed eventually and got burnt by one of the flames. 
But that's my cousins for ya.
the aftermath
Kiersha after summersaulting up and down my grandma's lawn.

Third: Girls' Camp.
We learned 'The Booty Bump'. Nuff said.
Fourth: Goodwill Shopping in Scottsdale with Alex and DeAnne.
Um... hi. I LOVE Goodwill.
Like seriously, it's 
da bomb.
Items purchesed:
ADORABLE super vintage green dress. $10
I'm in love.
Guess Side Purse. $4
2 Totally vintage necklaces. $3 each
It's the best place ever. 
 oh... and we bought these....
 Aren't they amazing?! 
Alex and I thought we'd bring the knee boot into style....
We found them in Off 5th (the saks outlet) and died a little bit of how totally ridiculous they were. We just had to try them on. You know how that goes....hopefully.

Seventh: Scrabble with the Zac(k)s Jordynn and Alex.
This is Zack Jarvis. 
This is his favorite pose.... 
his poor wife.
Alex calculating the score and the rest of us looking....
well, a bit off our rocker.
The End Result (upside-down, my bad)
Only Scrabble game I've ever played with ALL the letters used up!

Sixth: CRAFT DAY with my dear Namoi!
Need I say more?! :)
Nams was in HEAVEN in this place-no joke.
We made a Mcedee's stop after for the best combo ever....
ice cream twist cones and french fries.
tell me we're unhealthy and I'll say....
we're young. :)
(p.s. do you like her 'stach?)

Last but not Least: Shootin' guns with the fame and JORDY!
 Couldn't she totally be Bond's sexy assistant?!
i LOVE this girl
with all my heart! 

And bees love her too.... 
We had a bee that followed us around the entire time!
And it especially loved Jordynn...
Which when a bee is chasing jordynn and she's holding the pistol in her hand....
it get a bit scary. haha
don't  worry we're all safe still. :)



Makay said...

Oh WOW. This post was absolutely HILARIOUS! So much fun- the epitome of summer- LOVE IT!


Love, makay

Rachel Lyn said...

I LOVE goodwill too! alright, we can go shopping sometime :)i also love craft days! i want to see what crafts yo umade! and i want ot see your green dress from goodwill!