So this event happened.... forever ago. But I just barley stole the pictures from Jordynn. There are only three.... but what do you expect from tubing down a river? Now that you know the activity..... haha

We went tubing down the Salt River! Yes, Arizona has rivers. I know, it's shocking. Anyway, it was crazy fun! You don't even know.... Unless you've done it.... So now to the pictures because I have nothing else to sa
to say....
One of my very favorite persons ever.... 
Zac Velarde. 
yup, he's cool. 

This pic turned funky on me....
But it's Zack Jarvis looking like the child that he is all the time. 
Straightup he acts like a five year old.
No big.

And finally, my favorite!
The Zac(h){k} attack!
All three of them piled up. 
Aren't they weird?!
(or cute...you choose)

That's all.
Love always,

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Makay said...

Do you think they are cute or weird? I vote weird- ha. ;)


Looks like a blast!

Love, Makay