Boom Shakalaka, It's Hammer TIme!

Today was a wonderful day 
spent on the beautiful campus of BYU.
Future home of.....
Awesome, right?

But want to know what's even better?! 
We will be wearing matching pairs of.....

hammer pants.
I'm in hammer pant love.
Best thing of my life.

So, I posted about a sad subject last time
But let me tell you the goodness
that came from my Grandpa's death.

the outreach of friends was 
Never have  received so many comforting words.
And I told like 2 people.

My family.
Because my dad's family lives in Texas.
we RARELY see them.
But I saw my entire Barton family and had 
an absolute blast!  
{minus all the sad  times, of course}

I have the cutest cousins
and one that I got to know much better
was this stinkin cute girl:
She is bundles of fun and craziness 
and she kissed me on the cheek so many times...
and jumped into my arms for giant hugs... 
I loved it. 

Isn't family the best?

And driving to my grandma's today,
I realized,
I really love the Salt Lake Temple.
 So pretty.
Especially at night.

Love Always,

p.s. I enjoy typing in the dark....  even without back-lit keys
and I am listening to Michael Buble.... mmmmhhhhhlove.


1 comment:

Haylee said...

I love your hammer pants. haha so awesome. What will you guys be wearing them for?
I'm sorry to hear about your grandpa. He sounded like a great man.
The Salt Lake temple truly is so beautiful.