No, this is not your typical Halloween post, because guess what I decided?
I'm not a fan of Halloween.
Yup, I said it. Not a fan. This is the Halloween I like....
Cute, sweet, innocent Halloween. I'm not a fan in any sort of the way of the creepy, scary, death-infested Halloween that is celebrated al the time now. First of all, it SCARES ME! Go figure. People, Signs, not even kidding, is the scariest movie I've seen and I almost cried. So as everyone else gives themselves a fright on Saturday, I will watch a love story. Maybe Ghost, just to be ironic. Probably by myself.... unless I find a like-minded companion. 

like every other blogger, I do love Fall. Aren't these pictures perfect fall?

both {via}

And I love rain and wish I had a boy to enjoy it with....
Well, sometimes I wish that.

Love Always,

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