"I just want you to be Loved..."

Love the song Love by Matt White.
It's fabulous
but has um.... a good/interesting memory attached to it.
Oh me, oh my....
Here is what I've been up to...

  1. Sara Barellis concert!!! (forever ago but worth the picture!)
2. Yes, we were the close to her! :)
3. Beauty and the Beast with those lovely people,
Adam Kent made my day week by asking me to go!
4. Got answered to Winter Formal by Zac Velarde!
5. Being Naomi's model for creative genius in the Mesa Arts bathroom mirror....
6. Seing  Zuill Bailey and Navah Perlmen LIVE.They were the most amazing thing ever... next to Navah's father, Itzhak, who I also saw live and about died...
7. Spending lots of time with these people....
8. Especially this crazy one.... good times, good times.
9. Kissing a Venezuelan on the cheek.... yup, I did it. This was right after. Ally failed to actually capture the moment- frown.
10. Foreign Exchange/Stuco dinner
11. Once again... with Zack and Morgan
12. And Dahlya, love her to death! :)
13. DYING to see Harry Potter!!!!!

That is all. :)
Life is great. :)

Love Always,

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Chloe said...

Emma! You are seriously too cute. It looks like you are having just an amazing senior year. I miss seeing you!! :)