Creepy Gym...

I was running on the treadmill at the gym
blasting Mr. Pitiful and bobbing my head as usual
when all the sudden I see this man walking up to the 3 rows of treadmills....
He keeps walking to my row... THE LAST ROW. 
Now, I pick the last row for the specific reason that is the last row and I do not have to be seen by all the people walking in and out of the gym.
And, there's normally normal, nice, fierce worker-outers on that row.
This man- who was a good half foot shorter than me- picks the treadmill
(mind you, there were about 5 open treadmills on the row)
I look at him and he gives me a creepy smile so I face forward and keeping running knowing that my two miles can't come fast enough.
They come and I quickly jump off the treadmill and walk to the elliptical.
Phew. Away from creepy man.
ten minutes in he walks down to my row of elliptical and slowly walks by before going to get a drink. I pretty much sprinted out of there before he could come get on the elliptical next to me.
What is with creepy gym men?! 

And this, is why I normally go to the gym at 5 a.m.

Love Always,

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Haylee said...

K what the creepiest guy ever. I hate when things like that happen! It's like honestly, does he really think you are going to the gym to meet someone? haha so funny.