Sea Green, Sea Blue.

I miss winter just because I miss when I knew you best
I miss the typewriter in the basement
I miss making your room a mess
i miss not being misused
I miss it all, so I guess I lose
-Sea Green, Sea Blue- 
by Jaymay 
Sometimes, I feel free of everything
but other times I feel trapped, 
like I want to cry, but have no one to turn to.
But other times it's perfect,
and I love where I am.
The ups and downs, the inns and outs,
the frustrations and smiles, aren't wasted,
or so I hope. 
But until I know, 
I'll just keep passing by,
hoping something will go right. 
But for now, I wait,
and watch the sun set,
sighing, but joyful.
Love Always,

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