{The Day Activity} 

I feel as though High School Dances are taking over my blog....

Our Day Activity was planned in one night, 
debated by my father for a day,
and totally changed in another night.

Here's what went down. 
Picnic at Tempe Town Lake.
Light the Night Walk for Cancer at Tempe Arts Center.
Toy Story 3 at Naomi's in the freezing cold 
{which was when my date came in handy as a heater...}

 Adam and Morgan gangsta-fiving it behind Zac and I

 I'm fairly certain that this was not the sculptor's intent when he made this statue....

 Adam climbed onto the Rairoad tracks...
my date tried...
and ripped his pants. 

 The whole team before the walk!

 We both had the Gold Ballon which means you're walking in memory of someone.
I walked for my Grandpa Barton
and Zac walked for his soccer coach, Kevin Sullivan.

I got the title from Morgan.... 
Seriously Odd is her favoritve thing to say and I'm naming the above picture,
But Awesome.

It was a fabulous day activity! 
{even if I fell asleep at the "best part" of the movie (according to Zac)}
And I cannot wait for the actual dance on December 4th! 

I'm off the watch Pride and Prejudice with Morgan! 

Love Always,


Kaylie said...

What a great thing to do for a day activity! Very sweet of you guys.

Mandy said...

That looks so fun! You are good at planning dates girl.

I want to see pictures of more dances!