What I like about Jordynn.

Today is Jordynn Louis Alston's 
Here are some reasons I love Jordynn:
1.  She will do anything for you. She is willing to give up her time to go on crazy adventures, or talk on the phone for hours, or visit a friend that she may not like but knows is important to you. 
2. Jordynn is a loyal friend. She does not believe in being two-faced and will tell you like she sees it if she knows it will help. 
3. Jordynn is caring. She wants to make sure everybody's life is going well, and if it's not, she wants to fix it.
4. She's a girl after my own heart- a hopeless romantic. When she's in love, everything is cute and wonderful- I love it.
5. She's my little sister. We have this bond and it makes us exactly alike. Sometimes it's a bit scary, but I love it.
6. Never Give up, never surrender is her motto. Cross country, school, friends. She won't give up on anything or anybody.
7. Geniusly artistic. Jordynn will be wearing the most adorable thing and after inquiring where she got it her response is, "Oh, my mom and I made it!"
8. Jordynn loves life. So life loves her back.
9. She knows how to party. This girl goes crazy and makes any party fun and wonderful.
10. Jordynn brings logic into my life. She is a logical thinker and won't just blame a person for something out of anger. 

I love my 'lil sis so much and wish her the happiest of days! 

Love Always,

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