Here are two main reasons for excitement:

1. I love Harry Potter, a lot. But even more, I love idolize Hermoine Granger. So, when my awesome friend Zac told me that he saw the 7th movie and Hemoine reminded him of me, I about dropped dead in pure bliss. I really just need my Hogwarts letter to come... Because I know that I actually belong in the Wizarding world....
2. My brother Joshua is coming to town TOMORROW. Do you understand how close that is?! I love my brother so very much and cannot wait to see him! And, guess who else is in town? None other than the Mr. Jake Aaron Kasper.

Yup, this week is bound to be a week of joy and happiness. Anyone care to join my happiness train?

Love Always,

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Jenna Robert said...

Gotta love Harry Potter. Hermoine is seriously the cutest. That IS a compliment.