I love love.

I love old people in love.
And in general, love.
I love the rain that makes the world beautiful.
I love best friends who do crazy things with you.
I love that Mythbusters brings my family together.
I love love songs that I can sing at the top of my lungs.
I love people who make you smile no matter how sad you are.
I love that love unites people across he world, and in the same house.

I believe that love comes to us when it knows we need it. We seek for it, and yearn for it more than anything- we all do- and eventually, it will find us: either by friend, family, music, reading, or whatever form we choose to accept it into our lives. Oh, how happy is the heart that lets love in! Cherish this wondrus thing called love, because you never know when you will have to begin the search for it again.

Love Always,

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Rachel Lyn said...

I love how much you love love! I think i have told you that before :) And i also love old people in love. Totally melts my heart when i see them holding hands.