I've found my Soul Mate

In country music. 
Yup, I'm one of those people. 
But let me tell you, 
Tim McGraw?

And married to Faith Hill for the longest time- LOVE.

Keith Urban?
And so in love with Nicole Kidman.
They're adorable.

Lady Antebellum?


Anyway, I'm currently in love with these three songs:

and last but not least....

They are my favorite.

That's my music love currently.
Let's go to a country concert together, ok?

Love Always,
p.s. I do not appreciate the hick country music...
I'm NOT one of those people! 


Melanie said...

I agree! Keith Urban is my all time favorite& "Can't Take My Eyes off You" is one of the best Lady Antebellum songs. I love that you love country music.

Mikayla said...

Too bad Melanie beat me too it!
I am going to marry Keith Urban ;)
Nicole better watch out. haha.
In love with him.
country is awesome.
haters of country are crazy.

Makay said...

COUNTRY IS MY FAVORITE!!!! I have too many faves to say... but I really like, "Let me down easy" by billy currington "are you gonna kiss me or not" and ummmmmm... "your everything" keith urban... and "shes everything" brad paisley

thats all. ha.