Paris and The Gap.

I should be asleep.
Like really...
But I decided to just give up on sleep for the week.

Anyway, I have the most fabulous thing to tell you!
Yesterday, I was talking to my very best friend, Zack.
Now, he is my best friend, and a wonderful guy and so I said, "Will you fake promise to take me to Paris?"
He responded, "I fake promise to take you to the city of love."
And I said, "And I promise it will be the best trip of your life."

So I'm going to Paris.
With a fake promise.
Because in my world,
fake promises do come true.

So thank you, Zack,
for making my dreams come true.
Even if you were just kidding.

And here's another fabulous thing:
a compliment from Denton Hatch yesterday directed to me.
It went something like this....

Emma, you look like you just walked out of the Gap.

And my life was complete.

isn't life swell? :)

Love Always,


Rachel Schlappi said...

thats the best compliment ever!! I love the Gap!!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

gosh this made me miss Paris! :)

Haylee said...

So I'm coming with you to Paris when you go mm k? ;) haha just kidding, I want to go there so bad though! Someday.

r.lydford said...

How cute!