14 Days of Love: Day 2

Today, I love

Sara Bareilles.

I put her cd in the other day, as in yesterday, and it's made me happy whenever I drive somewhere. Especially since it brings back wonderful memories of her concert  {Why yes, I did in fact take the above picture.} All the girls {minus becca :(} went to her concert in Tempe at the beginning of the year and we had a seriously good time.

I love how talented Sara is and how true her songs are. Excuse the oddness of this comment, but her songs are pretty much raw emotion. And they're fabulous to sing to at the top of your lungs. I also love that my little brother likes her: I love when he and I like the same music, it's like a secret bond we share that nobody else can share.


Today, I love Sara Bareilles.

Love Always,

p.s. what is up with the freezingness that is currently Arizona? Somebody save me: I was wearing shorts on Saturday and now I can't walk outside without dying.

1 comment:

Makay said...

I love her too!

And I love your head band...

I gotta pocket- gotta pocket full of sunshine! *singing* ;)