14 Days of Love: Day 3

Today, I love...


I made some cupcakes tonight with some help from Mr. Zac Velarde... well, I guess that's depending on your definition of help.... he mainly helped by smearing the batter on my face... But he did do the dishes! So that counts for something. Anyway, I believe that cupcakes are a little slice of happiness. You cannot be upset whilst eating a cupcake. It's impossible, I'm sure of it. I even wrote my biographical sketch for college on making and sharing cupcakes.... I seriously love them that much. So next time you're down, give me a ring and I'll make you a cupcake. Pinkie Promise.

Love Always,

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Anonymous said...

THIS LOOKS FREAKIN' YUMMMMM!!!! ... BTW, I think you should spotlight me for one of your topics of "love"... because I'm so self-centered. Ok, love you, bye!