14 Days of Love: Day 4

On this fabulous Fourth day of February, I love...

The Girl right in front...

Alexandra Crandall.

Today, being her birthday, it is only natural that I love her. Here are the top ten reasons why:
1. Alex loves to go get ice cream, and watch chick flick after chick flick. Girls need a friend like that.
2. Alex is the most amazing dancer- I'm so glad she's continued dance through high school so that I can still enjoy my favorite art form.
3. Her piano skills are madness. Seriously, you have to see it to believe it.
4. She has a youtube video! Click here to see it. Having a friend on youtube makes me feel five zillion times cooler.
5. Alex was converted to the love of Jane Austen: I love all Jane Austen converts.
6. She will always listen to my crazy boy stories. And she gives me advice which I should follow but normally don't...
7. When I don't, she's still right there for me, helping me through and making me feel loved.
8. She and I are book exchangers which = awesomeness.
9. Alex teaches me a lot about life... which is something I need in my little mesa bubble.
10. Alex is a best friend that I will forever cherish.

And that is why I love Alexandra. So, Happy Birthday to her! :)

Love Always,

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