14 Days of Love: Day 6

Today, I love....

Becca Udall.

Today is her birthday- the big One-Eight. As I was sitting in church, I was thinking about how much I absolutely adore her. Really, I do. And the funny thing is, we used to not even be friends. When she first moved into my ward in third grade she was a brat- just ask her and she'll agree- but over the years we've become super close and I'm so grateful for her in my life.

So, without further explanation, here are the top ten reasons why I love Becca:

1. Becca is a free spirit: she loves to go on adventures without any objective behind them and no matter what, you know it will be a good time.
2. Becca shares my passion for world travel: The last two pictures are from our trip to Greece in 2009 and it was probably one of the most memorable trips ever. I hope we get to enjoy Germany and Austria this summer.
3. The amount of compassion she posses is amazing. She loves everyone and wants them to be happy no matter what her own circumstances may be.
4. Art is a very natural talent for Becca. She is so creative and has such a passion for the beauty of art.
5. Becca puts her heart and soul into everything she does. She is a sports medicine trainer at our high school and puts in so many hours at school helping out the athletes because she puts everything she has into being the best trainer she can possibly be.
6. Becca is intelligent. She doesn't play up the dumb girl act: She knows what she's talking about and isn't going to be pushed around by men who think they know more than her.
7. Becca is independent. She can stand on her own no matter the circumstance. She will always defend her beliefs which is a trait I greatly admire in her.
8.  Becca is a book-o-holic. In fact, funny story: One time we were sitting at mutual talking with all the girls and somebody brought up Pretty Little Liars. All the girls got in a huge fit and started chattering away and I turn to Becca (because we're the only girls in our ward who don't watch it) and she has about the same look I'm wearing: "Really?" We  both laugh and then Becca asks, "Well, have you read any good books recently?" And we talked about all the books we were reading. We're such nerds in that way.
9. Gorgeous. One way to describe her. But she's not vain about it, so no worries.
10. I know I will always be able to count on Becca as a friend. She will be there for me no matter what and I hope that I can return half the friendship she has given to me.

And that is why I love Becca.

Love Always,

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