Literature Lover.

I have always loved to read.

Take that back. In kindergarten, I was behind everyone in reading because I had a hard time with it. I remember going hom to my mom with those little "Jump Start!" reading books and crying because everyone else was five books ahead of me. Probably one of my most traumatic memories of kindergarten (and one of my only).

Once I got over the stumbling block of learning how to read, I encountered the problem of learning to stop reading.  In fact, I distinctly remember a family trip to Cape Cod where we were about to go out sailing. I, of course, had the newest Harry Potter book in my hands and was so happy to go out into the ocean and read all day. Heaven was in my grasp. My mom took one look at me, book in hand, and sent me back to the motorhome to put away my book because I had been reading all vacation and could not read while we were on the boat. I was grounded from reading. And no, that was not the only time this has happened to me.

But you see, books offer an escape that nothing else can. Movies don't allow you to fully emerse yourself in the sights, sounds, smells, names, dynamics, and emotions of the plot as a book does. A movie starts and says, "This is what is happening and what everything looks like and how everything in really pronounced and now you must abide by this law." Whereas a book says, "Here are words... go create."

And now, I find myself completely in love with all things books. Being in high school, I can never just find the time to sit and read like I used to and it's probably one of the things that I miss most about elementary school (and summer, but that's another story).

So now, at eight thirty p.m, I am going to go and emerse myself in Lord of the Flies first, so that I can finish it and not be stressed about it this weekend, and then I shall go where my heart really belongs: Jane Eyre.  I have an addiction to Victoria Era Literature, and I am ok with that.

Love Always,


Karli said...

Emma, you are a girl after my own heart. Why have we never hung out?! I, too, have been grounded from reading on multiple occasions (also on family trips/reunions). And "Jane Eyre"...oh my goodness. LOVE. If you haven't already, I highly recommend the 2006 BBC movie version. Possibly the best screen-adapted version of any book in my opinion. There's also a new version coming out this month, I believe.

Marilyn said...

Aren't books just the greatest? I walk into a library and I get all excited about all the literary genius.