A Trip to Tuc-sun. (Almost)

Here's the story.

I'm laying on the ground cleaning underneath the couches when I faintly her my phone ringing above the Valentine's Day Soundtrack that I was jamming to.

Joey Calling.
I love when Joey calls, he always has fun things to do.

Emma: "Hey Joey! What's up?!"
Joey: "Oh, hey Emma.... um... what are you doing?"
E: "Uh... cleaning my floor. Why?"
J: "Do you want to um.. go to the Ostrich Farm in 10 to 15 minutes?"
E: "Well.... let me ask!"

Asking parentals ensues whereupon I respond, delightfully, that I would love to join him. So, Zack, Adam and Joey pull up to my house in 5 minutes (no, not 10-15 like he said) and I hop in and we drive to Tuc-sun (almost).

It was a blast.

To prove that point, enjoy these pictures.

 The Gang next to the Monster Tractor.
 (Thank goodness for Self-Timer)

 The Ostrich Egg! 
(I feel like it deserves it's own theme song)

 yes, there were deer there too.

 Joey and the Ostriches

And Zack likes to take really attractive pictures of himself 

 Adam feeding me?
Just... don't ask

Zack Really liked the birds.... 

I was more of a goat fan, myself. 

 Except I'm pretty sure PETA would die if they saw this...

Oh, and the Birds liked Zack...

 And Joey...

 And Adam only loved his lunch pail....

The End.

Love Always,


Melanie said...

This is beyond cute and looks like a ton of fun!

Chloe said...

Emma! Oh my gosh it looks like you all had so much fun together. I am so sad I didn't get to see you this weekend but next time we will! :)

Rachel Lyn said...

I love everyone in this post and that looks like it was so MUCH FUN! I love all the love going around between animals, humans and lunch pails :)

Anonymous said...

THIS IS ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE! You guys are so cool... no joke. Joey's glasses are super rad, Adam's lunch box is awesome, Zack is just funny, and you are adorable! I'm really jealous of this day trip.

everyone calls me bon bon said...

Haha! Such a fun adventure. Those animals are cracking me up:-) xoxo