Life has brought upon itself a whole new meaning just by continuing on.
In a chat with a dear friend last night, we discussed the beauty of the world.
With Easter on the mind, beauty easily appeared in everything.
We talked of the beauty of this planet,
and how it is the simplest, yet greatest, sign of God's love for his children.
We talked of how it's hard to forgive people and love everyone
and decided that the struggle of getting over your own pride and forgiving is worth the joy that you feel when you really truly love those who surround you- no matter how they differ from you.

As I walked through my day, I was able to enjoy every minute of it.
I enjoyed helping my peers on math problems.
I enjoyed reading kind notes of appreciation to teachers.
I enjoyed the sweet sounds of symphony.
I enjoyed coloring in English class.
I enjoyed teaching all 86 members of my choir
But mostly, I enjoyed escaping to seminary and driving home singing EFY songs.

The beauty of the day was so plentiful.
What a blessing spring is- the Earth just breaths of goodness and rejuvenation.
It defines my bliss.

Love always,

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