Best Friend.

Today, I spent the day with my best friend.
We made dinner.
He made the toast
and I made the ravioli.
Then we ate it- with my little brother.
{Anticlimactic,  I know}

Anyway, here's the thing with my best friend.
He really is my best friend.
Yes, I have girlfriends and I've had boyfriends but through
the ups and downs, the happiness and sadness,
he's always been there.
Sometimes he sticks me in my place by making me realize I'm overreacting,
and sometimes I seriously can't stand him
so sometimes we don't talk...
But as he best said today,
"It's always resolved by the end of the night."
And it always is because he'll stay up till
two am making sure that everything is ok between us.

The people in my life are the most amazing people on earth.
I really am blessed by who surrounds me because in all honesty,
I have about ten friends I could say this about and it'd be true.
And I don't think that's common...
But I'm glad I can say that because the world is a much better place
when you have a best friend to share it with.

Love always,

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