Ten Things I Know You Don't Need {want?} to Know.

{yes, this I've posted this picture a thousand times but FB dislikes me and won't allow me to steal another one so... I'm stuck with this one. Plus, it's adorable.}

Here, learn ten things about me.... GO!

1. What did you do ten years ago?
I was definitely in Ms. Pesek's second grade class with that girl above, Morgan. We probably were busy with about eight million hours of dance as Jeanne's Power Force Dancers and our soccer team, the purple dolphins. Along with spending all the other hours of the day at the home of the third essential to our trio, Jessika Bodrero. And I may have been taking piano lessons from piano Paul... But that's a different story.

2. What were you doing one year ago?
Went back and read my journal... and a year ago, I had just broken up with Ryan. Don't know how to follow that one up so it'll stand as is. haha

3. Five snacks you love...
Chocolate Chip Cookies, Apples, M&Ms, Oh's, and...... Slushes. Yup.

4. Five Songs you know all the words to....
This is embarrassing. Belle (opening song to Beauty and the Beast), A Whole New World, Just Haven't Met You Yet (slash all MB songs...), When Will My Life Begin (from Tangled) and Can't Wait to See You Again (yes, by Miley Cyrus). Moving on....

5. Five Things you would do with a Million Bucks.
Open my bakery (em's) in Northern California. Travel across Europe with my best friend. Fly everyone to Scotland for my reception. Have a dream Kitchen. Hire people to clean my toilets and tubs and baseboards and fans for he rest of my life ( I was only going to say toilets and tubs but the list of chores I dislike kept growing...)

6. Five Bad Habits....
Blogging instead of Homework. Reading too much too late. Watching Starting movies at one a.m. Excessive hand movements while speaking. Being Ignorant of the ways of the world (aka talent show moments)

7. Five Things You Like to do...
Be a Beach Bum. Ride my Bike. Read. Write Poetry. Spend hours with my family and friends.

8. Five Things You Would Never Dress in or Buy...
Jeggings. Cow Print. Snake Pants. Heels higher than 3 inches. Wonder Woman Get-up.

9. Five Favorite Toys.
My books (Does that even count?). My laptop. My piano. My brother's mustang. Roxanne (my truck).

10. Five people you tag... No pressure.

Love always,

p.s no editing went into this so... sorry. 


Kaylie said...

Thanks for playing along! :)

Carole said...

first off, who WOULDNT want to wear wonder woman undies on the outside?...

second. you lie. take off m&ms and the random apple. :) haha REPLACE with ICE CREAM and ROOTBEER FLOATS...oh wait. those are kinda the same.. you can keep the chocolate. tee hee

everything else, i completely agree. <3