This is the Story of a Girl....

Named Naomi.

Or, in my world, Namoi.

 I seriously think I peed my pants when I saw the picture above...

Once upon a time, two girls sat next to each other in a choir of about oh... 84 people. The choir was being voiced and one of the girls asked the other girl why there was a pencil in the clock (the girl is blond, forgive her for her weird/awkward/ridiculous/stupid comments and/or questions.)

The other girl looked at her and said, "I think it's just the wall reflecting onto the silver thingy at the bottom of the clock...."

And so, a friendship was born.

You see, the girl who clarified that there indeed was no "magic pencil" in the bottom of the clock turned out to be the blond's practical soul mate (practical? yes. I don't know why- but yes.) They created a fan club in choir, and got "the look" for talking, and discussed things boys.

They realized that their lives were so very similar and that they would always love certain things. They traveled to San Francisco and went to crafting stores and rode around town with the top of the mustang down.

They played in fake rain, they played in real rain, they talked of kissing Mr. Yup-That's-Who in the rain, and of marrying Mr. He's-The-One in the future. They went to the temple monthly and tried to remember their journals every time.

They ran around town in Ruckah. They ran around town in Roxanne. They learned that Ruckah does not do well on the freeway. They also learned that maybe Roxanne should just take them places most of the time.

They deiced to choreograph 86 people to Michael Jackson. They sometimes regretted that. They mostly loved it though. They laughed at Michael Jackson in Slow Motion. They ended choreography sessions with Root Beer Floats and singing songs to strangers at the top of their lungs.

But mostly, they loved each other as best friends do. They realized that no matter what, they would always be friends and always love that "certain someone".

They learned that life is about the little moments.

They learned to cherish those moments in every way possible.

Happy birthday, my friend. Life would not be the same without you.

I love you to the moon and back and then to Michael Jackson's grave.
And that's a whole heck of a lot.

Love always,

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Haylee said...

That Zebra picture? Sweetest thing ever. haha I love it.
Happy Birthday Naomi! (Don't be creeped out that I don't know you or anything k? haha)