Joseph Tyler.

I remember in seventh grade when Becca suddenly became friends with some cello players in her orchestra... and one of those friends was Joseph Tyler Eddington. (And I believe he was in my student council class...) He was the coolest kid I had ever met. He was indie in seventh grade (I kid you not) and we all instantly loved him. And thus began our friendship....

Six years later, Joey is one of my greatest friends. This kid can make you laugh no matter how you feel and he is always trying to make your day better. He's sweet, funny, musical, humble, energetic, ingenius, artistic, and intelligent. I always know that I can count on Joey to be the perfect example to me- he reaches out to everyone and always looks for the good in people. I don't think that I've heard an upset /mean word issue from his mouth ever. Always one for adventure, he will continue as the motor behind the adventure gang. I'm so very happy he is heading to BYU with me and that I will be able to party it up in hi kitchen next year.

Joey, plain and simple, is wonderful and I'm so happy he's one of my closest friends.

Happy 18th Birthday,

Love always,

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