The Chief.

I got to go to prom with the chief. He's the chief because he planned everything and so now that's what I call him. You've probably heard of him as my best friend, or Zack freakin Jarvis. Whatever you call him, he's great and I can't think of a more perfect prom night- cliche? Yes. But who said I wasn't allowed to be cliche?

And then, after spending the entire weekend with me, he came and saved my life today by tutoring me in math and doing half my project file. I'm not quite sure where I found this boy and how we became best friends, but I'm glad I did. And actually, that's a total lie. I know where I found him and how we became best friends but that will have to be disclosed some other time.

Regardless, I am grateful for him and all the time and money he put into making prom perfect and then making sure that I don't cry from stupid things like project files.

Love always,


Kaylie said...

You looked beautiful! So classy.

We aren't allowed to put any balloons in the gym either! We completely engulfed the dance room with balloons though. Thanks again for the help with the sound system!

Chloe said...

Emma, you look absolutely beautiful. I love your dress and your necklace, they both go so well together. I am so glad you were able to have so much fun at your senior prom!

Karli said...

Glad you had a wonderful time. Nothing like a perfect Prom date ;)

Anonymous said...

You will "disclose the information" when you guys get married... and then you will name your child after me.

Haylee said...

Oh my gosh Emma, you looked absolutely stunning! I love love the color of your dress.
So just a friend huh? Because you guys look ridiculously cute together just to let you know. :)