Dream Job.

There are two summer jobs I've always wanted....

An EFY Counselor


A Nanny.

Considering I could still (technically) go to EFY this year, obviously that's not possible for me to be.

However, I did land a GREAT Nannying job today and I could not be more excited! I start on Friday and am going to be nannying every other week for a family of three boys. I met with their dad today and he hired me on the spot.

Hip Hip Hooray!

And I really love summer and bike rides and deep talks with my best friend, Zack Jarvis.
(this is an A-typical portrayal of our relationship)

Aren't best friends the greatest?

Who cares if we can't name all 50 states when looking at the giant map at my elementary school.

Life is wonderful

Love always,


Lauren said...

i am so insanely jealous, emma. seriously. that is my number one dream job. how did you land this?! i am very excited for you. i hope you have an awesome time. :)

Anonymous said...

I tried to respond to your most recent comment on my blog but it would not post. So I'm putting it here! I was going to say that most of my Mormon friend don't have an issue with it, but I received uninvited bitter sass about the show from one of them, so I had to vent. Reading it back, it seems extremely offensive (my post), so yeah... BUT um, every time you post something about your "friendship" with Jarvis, I get more and more excited for your wedding! Woohoo! I'm going to write a song to perform and it will be called "I was right." Hope you are having a lovely summer :)

Anonymous said...

Teehee. "Friendship." If that's what they're calling marriage these days then so be it. I'm working on a song for your wedding and it's called, "I was right." Congrats on the job though! I too am a nanny, and although it is nowhere near my dream job, it pays for gasoline and ruins all my clothes. Have fun! Hope you are having a loverly summer :)

Anonymous said...

I just realized I commented twice because I thought I didn't publish my first comment and then got too lazy to re-write it so I just made the second one different... and now I'm writing even more! Wohoo! This is what I do on Friday nights apparently. Sorry about that...