Hey.... Hey you!

Do you like my lame titles recently? Good. But guess what? I've found a new love. And it's fabulous. Let me show you a picture........

Um.... Hi, melt-my-heart-goodness-i-think-i-cried-100-times-movie: Masterpiece Theatre Wuthering Heights. It is beautiful and heart breaking and so well made. Alexandra and I had a movie night tonight while writing Thank You cards and we were stunned by this movie. The actors play their parts perfectly and did I mention I cried so many times? And yes, I have read the book but honestly, I need to reread it because I was so confused the first time around that I think I will very much love it this next time. But first I have to finish my other pile of summer reading- I love summer reading. On my list this summer is This Side of Paradise, The Count of Monte Cristo,  Water for Elephants, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, and either Persuasion or Mansfield Park- the two Jane Austens that I have not read. I also may be revisiting Pride and Prejudice- how could I not? Any other book recommendations?

Also, is it bad that I already bought the Wuthering Heights movie from Amazon? I couldn't resist. Now I just need to buy Masterpiece Theatre's Emma..... I love that movie.

Guess what else? My best friend comes home tomorrow!

Oh, happiness.

Love always,

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Karli said...

I swear, we're like the same person. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this version!!! By far my favorite! and I LOVE the actors. So perfect.